The Easiest Way to get Backlinks from Wikipedia

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Backlinks from Wikipedia

I have been playing around with Wikipedia over the past few months and kind of stumbled upon something by chance.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the fact that Wikipedia encourages social editing of its articles and in turn allows anyone to edit an entry. I have had a Wikipedia account for almost a year now and have contributed many RELEVANT edits to a broad range of entries.

When I first started editing entries I did it mainly because the topic was something that I had an interest in and I did have knowledge about the subject and was able to contribute worthwhile information that was not spammy. The good thing is that those edits looked great on my profile because they were done pro bono without any incognito backlink placement or irrelevant content and were never reedited.

So after a few months of doing some editing on Wiki I decided to test the waters and drop a backlink into some of the content that I was amending…and to my amazement it stuck and got indexed. This is like pure gold as Wikipedia is pretty much THE authority backlink and can propel mostly any site into the top of the SERPs.

The only reason this particular backlink stuck was because the site I was backlinking to was relevant to the information I added and this entry had a unique component that I took notice of. To date I have a 100% success rate of the backlinks I have dropped on Wiki! I am not going to give away the secret for fear of spammers ruining this unique opportunity, as they always tend to do. But if you want to know the secret subscribe to my newsletter below!

You can’t just go to Wikipedia and edit a bunch of entries and drop in a <a href> tag, that won’t work; your entry will be edited within hours, and you can possibly be blacklisted from making edits.

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2 Comments on “The Easiest Way to get Backlinks from Wikipedia”

  1. 1 manish said at 7:34 am on June 11th, 2012:

    Searching This Type of Article From a long Time, Thanks For This Article. I Want To Know That If I Write Article For Wikipedia And Post My Backlink On it.The Editors Will Approve This Or Not At The First Time..
    Please Help Me Anyone..

  2. 2 Ralph-Tricia Bredahl said at 9:23 pm on December 21st, 2012:

    I was not aware that it was even possible to get back links from Wikipedia and am pleasantly surprised to have found your post. I have signed up the news letter and am ready to get started. I M sure it is a process that takes some time and effort

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