The key to high SERP rankings is to make sure you use original content

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Original Content is King

There is no doubt in mind that content is king.

Sure anyone can get to the top of the SERPs with a targeted and dedicated SEO campaign but at the end of the line, content is what drives traffic. It is relatively easy to emulate a top ranking site and design a SEO campaign around your competition. But at the end of the day what makes your site different….nothing!

After months of linkbuilding, article posting, guest blogging, and content creation you finally get to the top 3 of Google for a relatively competitive keyword. You used the #1 and #2 ranking sites as a guide to your SEO campagin and content creation. A visitor makes it to your site, most likely after visiting the top two ranked sites, and what do they see….

They see the same regurgitated information that was evident on the first two sites. If they didn’t find what they were looking for the first time around and they ventured to your site, what would make them stay and not bounce? The answer is original content that is actually relative and meaningful to their search, not a MFA (made for Adsense) whore site begging for a few clicks. (We are all guilty of this, myself included)

Content is what drives visitors to delve deeper into your site, read your articles, decrease bounce rate, join discussions, and most importantly come back. Don’t write an article or post just for the sake of SEO and filling in the keyword gaps, its only a temporary solution. Original content is everlasting, and with time it will increase your rankings because humans (not spiders) are the people who actually care about what is on your site and have the ability to sneeze your work via an intricate web of social communication.

Google is cracking down on content farms and I suspect that in the coming months there will be a major algorithm adjustment that might possibly include human intervention. Is your site worth visiting?

I for one will be making major adjustments to all of my sites to appease my visitors not the nebulous being that is Google.

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