Endusers Still Don’t Get the Value of Domain Names

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Ahhhhhhh, it makes sense you ninny!!!!!!

I have close to 1,000 domain names covering practically every extension and niche possible. Many of my domains are generic and even though most are not .com they are enduser centric and provide value if coupled with development. I’m talking about nice generic hyphen .com or .net that receive over 10k exact searches (Hardwood-Flooring.net, Computer-Games.net, Motorcycle-Lift.com….) lots of domains like those.

For someone that understands domain names, marketing, and SEO; domains like the ones above are no brainers…especially for my asking prices. But I continually get shut down, why you ask….I have no idea. I can only blame it on the infancy of the global domain name market and the lack of understanding that domain names have in SEO, the latter is especially apparent when it comes to pitching to Marketing Directors/Sales Directors – they just don’t get it.

Since I like examples, here is one for a Real Estate .com domain that I was trying to sell a few weeks ago. The domain is Laguna/Beach/Real/Estate/Agent dot com (remove /). If you’re thinking whats so special about this domain, well how about that Laguna Beach and Newport Beach have some of the most expensive properties listed in the US. We are talking about $15 – $20 million homes and not just a couple but many of them. The average commission on a sale is 6%, that is usually split with the real estate group to 3%. 3% of $15 million is $450,000 – thats a lot of money. So if you are the owner of a real estate company in Laguna Beach and you are listing million dollar properties, would it really hurt to have more than one website, utilizing more than one domain to get all the visitors you can?

To me the clear answer is, no it wouldn’t hurt, you dummies!!! Even if I were to buy my above domain at $999 then spend another $4k on development and SEO – optimize for Laguna Beach Real Estate, then wait a few months, it would still be worth it. Even if I only sold one home in 10 years it would still be worth it…why is this such a hard concept to grasp. I would think that people within the Real estate world would be able to convey the value of a virtual property more concretely than any other buyer, but I guess not. The high offer I got for this domain was $200, thanks but no thanks :)

I think that we are still about 5 years away from the general public completely understanding the inherent value of domain names (all things remaining equal) not only from an SEO perspective but also from a marketing aspect. Domains are a crucial component to a website and their supply is limited…I wish some companies had the foresight that most of us domainers have. If only they understood that domains are an investment, an asset – a vehicle for future revenue generation…ay theres the rub.

3 Comments on “Endusers Still Don’t Get the Value of Domain Names”

  1. 1 Bob said at 2:41 pm on March 2nd, 2012:

    Have you offered to “rent” the domain/site to the real estate firms in Laguna?

    How about seeing if they would pay you for “qualified leads”.

    PM me to see how we do it if you are interested.


  2. 2 Ben said at 1:23 am on March 13th, 2012:

    Hi Bob, haven’t thought of that…do you have experience with this method?

  3. 3 Anthony said at 3:51 pm on May 31st, 2012:

    Hey Ben

    I think that you are spot on when you mention “infancy of the global domain name market”.

    Most normal people just DO NOT get it, when it comes to domain names and the internet in general.

    I think that as time goes on the industry will evolve significantly more than it already has.

    One thing is for sure and that is more and more people are realizing the value of the internet real estate that is domain names. Realize that there are still a lot of opportunities to be had in the domain name market with savvy investors.

    I think that the idea about selling qualified leads is an interesting one that could be worth looking into. It could be as simple as soliciting and networking with local agents. People could contact you via your website and you could connect them with specific agents depending on their needs. Then take a fee or small % from the agent.


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