Is Google Personalized Search Enabled on Your Computer?

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Yield to Google Personalized Search

If you’re ranking on the first page of G on YOUR computer and there is no traffic coming to your site, you might be encountering one of two problems:

1. The keyword that you are ranking for isn’t getting any monthly searches (check Google Keyword Tool for “EXACT SEARCHES” not “BROAD”)

2. Google Personal Search is Enabled

Now if you are encountering the first problem, my suggestion is to do some more keyword research and try to implement higher search keywords in the content of your site.

For problemo numero dos, I have a quick solution.

I have found myself ranking #1 in Google for highly competetive keywords only to find that my Google results were skewed due to the personal search feature being enabled. The personal search feature takes into account previous searches and ranks the results based on relevance to prior search activity, which is all tracked by cookies.

To disbale the Personal Search feature you can simply delete your web history cookies OR you can follow these steps:

1. After conducting a search in Google, click on the gear icon on the Google toolbar next to the “Sign In” button and select “Web History”



Step 1



2. If Personal Search is enabled you will see this heading “Your search results may be customized using search activity from this computer”

Below the bold heading, click on “Disable customizations based on search activity”



Step Deuce


3. If all went well, you will be taken to a duplicate screen informing you that “Customization based on signed-out search activity is disabled.”


Step Trois

And Voila…you are back to being ranked on page 7 for “Computer Games!”

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