Some of the Domains I Bought in April and Why

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Spring Red Tulips in Bloom

Red Tulips in April


The majority of the domain names I own were acquired for reg fee and usually caught on the drop. These aren’t exactly million dollar domains that I’m catching but most of them are either brandable or have enough search volume to be site worthy.

One of the great things about my portfolio is that because my acquisition costs are so low, I have a higher margin for profit. Hell, if I sell a domain for $100 I’m looking at 10x ROI…yeah, I have to consider the time I spent prospecting as well but even so, I’m still ahead.

I mainly go after .com, .net, and .org domains. Occasionally, I will buy a .info or .us if it really is a great keyword and has some development potential. I don’t shy away from hyphens because when I develop a domain 90% of the traffic comes from search engines, so I could really careless as long as the keywords are in the domain.

Every now and then I go through the popular domain/marketing forums: DNF, Namepros, DP, Warrior Forum, or Flippa to find some deals. The deals are few and far between but they are out there if you look hard enough.

So here are some of the domains I have purchased in April: – awesome potential and very bandable for a site dedicated to secondary education scholarships, this is a big money vertical with substantial payouts for qualified leads – clearly a nice brandable and the tailing “city” domains have had some pretty nice results this year, many sales in excess of $5,000 - another brandbale in the very desired “hosting” niche. This is one of my favorite acquisitions because it is so easy to remember and brand…definitely a winner in my book - this may seem like a WTF kind of acquisition but upon further scrutiny you will realize that there are 4,400 exact global monthly searches in G with a $1.13 avg CPC. The stats aren’t mind blowing but this is a domain that can stand alone and be utilized for any online campaign. Plus there are quite a few “trekking pole” manufacturers out there. - yet another brandable education domain, what can I say there is a lot of potential and demand for these types of domains and many are used as PPC bait only for lead gen campaigns – HUGE online market with a healthy avg. CPC ($4.37) and large search volume (8,100 exact local). All extensions taken and this one is ripe for development – this is a decent domain, not great by any means but it needs to be developed. There are many sites out there with those sort of domain and it does have the “Free Templates” keyword which gets 60,500 exact searches a month. But these types of domains are the ones I end up selling for $X,XXX, it’s always the most random ones - with the legalization of marijuana becoming ever so prevalent in the US, this domain is only years away from seeing its true potential…mail order weed. I like it as a brandable and will hold onto it or develop – ah ha, this is one of those head scratchers where I’m like “Did I do that???” Then I look up the G search and see that there are…get ready for this…2,240,000 Exact global searches a month. This is a Portugese phrase that translates to “song lyrics” – a lot of traffic potential with this one

Thats pretty much it for this month. Would like to hear your thoughts on my acquisitions and maybe you can share some of your recent purchases!

Selecting a domain name – Part 2

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three white dice

Selecting the Right Domain

So by now you have figured out the purpose of your domain name and more or less have an idea of the domain name you are looking for. Now you have to make a decision on what type of domain name is best for you. Before I purchase a new domain name for an upcoming project I consider the following: Exact Match, Keywords,  Spellings, Brand Name/Trademark, Hyphens, Length, and Radio Test.

Brand Name/Trademark: The reason I decided to start with this topic is because a lot of people don’t understand the severity and repercussions that come along with using someone else’s TM or brand in their domain name.   If you don’t own the TM or if you dont have a logical reason for utilizing a brand name then DO NOT register it -you have been forewarned.  Read the rest of this entry »