Selecting a domain name – Part 2a

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Selecting a domain name

I started writing this entry a while ago but decided to scratch it…until now. This was the original “Selecting a domain name Part 2″

So now that you have a clear cut idea on how you plan on utilizing your domain name, the next step is narrowing down the options. There are plenty of options available, more options than you think. Your domain name options aren’t just limited to a generic product or service related to your business, in fact, there likely are a multitude of domain names that will be suitable for your needs.

I’m sure you’re thinking “What!!! More than one option???” Sounds crazy, but yeah – domains are abundant and the possibilities are endless.

When you are selecting a domain name, you really want to find a brandable domain as well as a great domain for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes. The brandable domain name is the one that you put in front of the customer – on marketing material, your website, business cards, etc. The SEO domain is the one that you use to help elevate your search engine rankings and redirect to your main domain name. Granted, there are SEO (generic domain names) so memorable and brandable that they cover both facets, i.e. Lets use a hypothetical situation to find a brandable domain and an SEO domain name.

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Selecting a domain name

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Selecting a domain name

Selecting a domain name

The art of selecting a domain name for business use or really any use is literally a science. Some of you that may have attempted to buy a domain name from a “domainer” probably got a little sticker shock when they responded with their asking price.

Once you manage to digest the asking price the next step is to evaluate what the domain has to offer your business.

  • Is this a brandable domain that doesn’t really have much value other than when the site is launched
  • Is this domain being bought in concerto with a new product release
  • Does this domain have any monthly search volume that can be captured once the site is developed and SEO is implemented
  • Is there natural traffic already coming to this domain, either by type-in or due to an existing website
  • How important is this domain name to your business – can you find an alternative?
  • Do you know how you are going to use this domain?
  • Is this domain name brandable, memorable, does it relate to your core business, will it be received well by your target audience?

These are all questions you have to ask yourself before purchasing a domain, you need a solid plan and idea of how, why, when, and where you are going to use your domain name.